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15 Ton Top Running Single Girder End Trucks

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  • End Truck Features - Top Running, Single Girder, Rotating Axle



  • Highest maximum wheel loads in the industry 30# - 40#
  • Available in class "C" and "D"
  • Specifically engineered and sized for overhead crane travel applications
  • Spans 48' or 60'
  • High strength ASTM A500 Grade B structural tubing
  • All welding is completed prior to machining to ensure perfect wheel alignment
  • Axle bores are line bored in one setup ensuring perfect wheel alignment
  • Rail sweeps and bumpers are included in base price
  • Wheel bearings are sealed lifetime lubricated deep grooved ball bearing exceeding CMAA Class “C” bearing life requirements of 5000 hours
  • Wheels are through hardened flat tread machined (260 BHN)
  • Wheel Diameter 10" 
  • Wheel Base 72" or 90"
  • Wheels will run on S or H beams or Patented Track as an option
  • Rail Size 60-105
  • Axles are machined from cold rolled carbon steel
  • Speed - 100 or 120 FPM
  • Motors are coupled to the gearbox input shaft
  • No risk of oil leaking into motor
  • Rapid replacement of motor without opening gearbox and draining the oil
  • The Ace Drive is a high efficiency helical shaft mounted reducer with torque arm mount and brake-motor
  • Hollow shaft gearbox with resilient torque arm mounting
  • 460/3/60 VAC controls are standard (others optional)
  • All motors are 230/460/3/60 VAC, 60 minute, TEFC, class “H” insulation, Klixon, inverter duty
  • Disc brakes are 460/230 VAC set at 50% motor torque and are adjustable