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1/4 Ton Advantage Portable Electric Chain Hoist


The Advantage portable electric chain hoist ranges from 1/8 ton to 1/2 ton capacities and comes complete with a chain container and 4-button pendant.  All units undergo rigorous testing to comply with Ace quality standards.  


*All chain hoists come with chain container.

*All chain hoists come with standard hook mount.



  • Our portable electric hoists can carry 1/8 ton to 1/2 ton load and comes with a chain container and four button pendant.
  • 8' Push button Cord.
  • All units come with its own carrying case.
  • Lightweight design and easycarry.  Hoist weighs only 36lbs, but can lift up to 500lbs.
  • Available in both 1 phase 110v,60Hz
  • Motor with insulation F and has overheat protection
  • Variable frequency control, low starting current, high efficiency.
  • Clutch serves as overload limit, as well as upper lower limit switch

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